A Talk Given by Swami Satya Vedant at Osho Chair Inauguration Celebtration at Surat.

Visionary Osho

The sages and the mystics have relentlessly explored the inner dimension of human existence, the subjective dimension. They have looked within with the same objective view as a scientist looks a phenomenon outside.  Such mystics, such awakened ones have renewed people’s spirits, they have recharged our energies, they have sharpened our intelligence by sharing their vision and their wisdom.

As an exceptional visionary, Osho’s vision and his multi-dimensional work can be briefly seen through the following:

  1. A Reminder: He reminds us that we have an enormous potential to grow and transform our life towards attaining the state of joy, peace, and creativity. He reminds us to live in the moment and remain available to welcome the unknown, the future with awareness and a sense of commitment.
  2. An Educator: Osho has functioned as an educator – not as a teacher but as a Guide and as a Facilitator giving us insights and skills to become a mature person. He shows us and helps us how to live life joyfully and responsibly. His teachings are not for us just to memorize but to apply practically and existentially for enhancing our inner growth.
  3. A Communicator: Osho is a supreme communicator and not just verbally but more than that, he touches us through a heart to heart communion. Through his hundreds of books, thousands of audio and video discourses and through his thousands of meditation processes he creates a bridge, a direct contact with us.
  4. A Healer: We, the humans, our lives are hurt, wounded, leaving us in a state of pain and despair. Osho treats our hurts and our wounds with great compassion and heals us through his love and shows us ways to overcome our miseries.
  5. A Unifier: Osho brings us out of our internal and external divisions and our dichotomies by showing how to bring about a union between body and soul, the physical and the material – Zorba and Buddha, and between love and meditation. Osho gives us an all-inclusive, non- divisional, a reverence for all vision.

For Osho, Education is the only way and means to bring about such transformation which can make humanity live a peaceful, a meaningful, joyful life. For Osho, no other revolution can ever succeed except a revolution through Education. His vision of Education is for self-transformation and not for ego-satisfaction. He sees Education not just as a means for accumulating knowledge and information but rather as means for a meaningful change and attaining wisdom – individually as well as collectively. Meditation is a crucial and an integral part of such an Educational process for Osho.

Osho finds Education, of his vision, as a way to give birth to what he calls – “A New Man/A New Woman/A New World”. The newly established Osho Chair at the VNSG University at Surat(Gujarat) is a concrete step in this direction. Osho Chair aims at bringing about an educational environment where there is an open opportunity for one’s holistic, a multi-dimensional growth.

  • Swami Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi)



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